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If you are reading one article about social media algorithms, read this one

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Are you looking for ways to circumvent the limitations of social media algorithms?

If so, you have reached the right place!

We all know the demography behind social media algorithms. Nevertheless, the following article is likely to dictate how you should stick to the realms of your domain, maintain the user behaviour and learn to catapult maximum attention like that of the influential creators on social media.

Let us read the following article to know more about these strategic tricks of social media algorithms.

3 Things you need to know, beforehand:

1. Devise a profitable strategy

Social media marketing is a concoction of various strategies that uplift your business reach. To stay relevant, known and popular on social media, a cute picture with a catchy caption is not all you need.

Research and strategise well. Learn and observe the other established creators to know how they operate and manage their business’s reach. Stay consistent and engage with your audience to learn where their interests lie.

Growing in social media marketing is a step-wise process with no shortcuts. Create and mend a strategy/plan, which you think will help you drive sales, audience’s attention and authenticity. After all, it is all about the planning that can help you execute your idea.

Following a chosen path to a predefined plan [an effective one] will make you more credible and productive. Add your creativity, business tactic and a predetermined set of effective strategies. These factors will help your business reach long-term goals.

2. Creating ideal content is a tedious task

Social media marketers take time to reflect and bring their plans into action. Effective business strategies take time. It is all about learning, observing and then implementing. As a creator, don’t chase or rush with your content; sit back, relax and let yourself brainstorm on new ideas. Social media algorithms might leave you frustrated as creating ideal content becomes tedious sometimes.

3. Engage with the content: a daily affair

Engaging with the audiences or creators can turn burdensome and chaotic. Yes, being willing to go one step ahead and re-sharing valuable work can be tedious but profitable. It is one of the best ways of interacting and letting people know about your presence on social media. However, such is the way of beating the formula of social media algorithms too. Try to preach the same.

Sharing and reposting lets you drive and invite attention to your social media presence. This way, we can strive to build our community and advertise our business growth. No wonder this is one of the ways through which people learn to catapult attention.

To sum up, if you remain vigilant and receptive to interacting with others, people automatically learn to reciprocate the same. Such leads to organic growth on social media platforms.


How to grow with these algorithms?

Social media algorithms are fundamental rules based on two attributes; interests and quality content. This way, it sorts out the relevant ones and serves us on a silver platter.

To strengthen your reach on social media, the following are how you should do so:

Learn what interests a user

It is necessary to know and understand the choices and interests of your audience. Undoubtedly, social media is bombarded with truckloads of content to appease audiences. The point is whether it is a valuable one or not.

Anything and everything you post should bring usefulness to the lives of others. It should be unique, authentic and explicit in comparison to the other creators. Question yourself every time you choose to post. Your work should carry the capacity to persuade and convince them regarding whatever you decide to display (provided it benefits them).

Learning to exhibit something different, valuable, which even serves the purpose, will help you figure out the right choices for your customers. Surprisingly, it will help you prosper too.

Embody the use of applicable hashtags

We do not need to exclaim about the hashtag protocol being incorporated by users as we all understand about the same. The only thing that should concern you is; how and what hashtags are used by you?

Adding irrelevant, trivial and insignificant hashtags does not help with your organic reach. It only restricts your content with no better insights. Having to use the right pair of hashtags will automatically segregate your content under a particular domain. All the creators following a specific niche will eventually see your posts grouped under a tag. Is it not extraordinary?

Yet, your focus should be on creating quality content so that your work overpowers and gains a better rank under a relevant hashtag.

Add the link to your other profiles on other platforms.

Nowadays, with a surge in social media platforms, you should reunite with your former audiences by letting them know about your other profiles on social media. This way, it increases and expands your community while informing the people about your ongoing ventures/businesses. You can form creatives and attach links to your profile to let people know and discover you even more. Undoubtedly, such a strategy helps you expand your social media presence and reach.

Stay affirm and acknowledge other's work.

As a social media marketer or creator, you can build a space for your community while encouraging and motivating people with their work. Mend a safe space where people talk about valuable content, invite important questions, facilitate discussions and much more. Live in this social space and acknowledge the efforts of people. When you do so, you learn to uplift your community even more.

Not only this, with all the support you garner as a community, you surely will be able to fight these technical algorithms.

How to ‘defeat’ social media algorithms?

The best way is to work along with them. However, speaking in traditional terms, there are ways in which you can defeat the social media algorithms. The ways to defeat social media algorithms are as follows-

  • To leverage your organic reach as a creator/blogger, learn to insert the locations whenever and wherever possible. You have to make yourself found and discover able on social media. Keep adding tags every time you visit a place. It is one of the ways of fighting social media algorithms.

  • To encourage successful social media marketing, add chat-bots to encourage automated responses. Such a feature is applicable in Messenger (on Facebook). It gives you real-time recommendations while solving your queries then and there.

  • Maintain consistency while posting. Make sure you do not overcrowd your feed every day. Make posts only when you have quality content. Post more often and mainly during the times when the audience is online and active.

  • Share your content amongst the groups for better engagement. It will encourage you in building your social media presence.

  • Learn and know about the algorithms of every other social media platform. It will help you to work accordingly while letting you decode this mathematical set of rules.

  • Respond to comments and reply to the posts. Try engaging, sharing and commenting formulas to let them know about your presence.

  • As a social media marketer or a creator, write more on the trending topics to invite a better reach and following.

There are no shortcuts to a better reach.

A creator should know that there are no shortcuts to the growth of online businesses. It invites a full-fledged process. Engaging, re-sharing and posting are some of the effective ways to expand your reach on social media platforms. You will have to learn and earn eventually. Put forward your goals and formulate quality content to remain known and virtually present. Once you connect with the community, people question you to know more about your ideals. Remaining consistent would help you to record better results. Learn to stick to the rules, strategise and then execute.

4 ways in which social media helped us grow

  • Social media platforms help you in advertising your brand and gaining the company's recognition. The knowledge of your brand might catch the viewer's attention and help you to become more visible. Your presence on multiple platforms makes it accessible for the customers to know about you even more. Isn't that amazing? In total, they become better acquainted with your online presence.

  • As you grow, you get to receive a multitude of opportunities coming your way. It helps you catapult customers and drive effective sales.

  • Without the support of social media platforms, it would not have been possible to convert traffic into leads. And this is how social media is impacting us and letting us grow.

  • Social media marketing has been successful in rendering us better rankings as per the SEO format. It is just that we need to optimise posts, add descriptions and introduce links. Staying active on social media makes you more trustworthy, credible and loyal to your brand's importance.

We, therefore, conclude that social media algorithms have been helping us evolve and grow with our business's growth. It is important to stress the user's behaviour, learn from other's work (similar to yours)and maintain relevance in terms of content as much as possible. Learn to stay professional and stick to your niche/domain while managing the business.

Stay active, consistent and aware of the ongoing changes on the respective social media platforms to manage your growth effectively.


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