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  • Tanushree vaish

Why social media algorithms restrict the reach of your content

Don't you think social media algorithms have been a contributor to limiting and constraining our reach?

If so, the following article will help you to know what factors contribute to this dip in the percentage of engagement rates.

Catapulting the organic reach is still a far-fetched idea on social media platforms. People tend to doubt and conjecture if it brings us legitimate insights in comparison to the paid promotions. Yes, social media algorithms play a crucial role in viewing the selected posts in the audience's feed, but more importantly, the reach for the same gets restricted due to some specific reasons.

Let us devote our attention to this article and reflect upon the factors of concern.

How to strengthen your lost social media reach?

Social media carries eye-opening features, tutorials and guides to boost your social reach. To do so, one has to abide by the norms or hacks to decipher such organic growth.

The following points are here to brainstorm you on ways to boost, strengthen and enhance the engagement of your content.

Discover the interests of your target audiences

Before knowing social media algorithms, an individual should know how to create, build and establish a type of content that is worth acknowledging and engaging.

For example-

  • You can shoot a video of your brand which is informative and instructive.

  • Post the same video on social media platforms with an appropriate and relatable caption.

  • Post or create relevant hashtags.

  • Following on to this mantra will help you in fetching the perfect organic reach for your content.

Social media algorithms include a multitude of factors, including the organic reach. An influencer or a content creator wishes to disseminate the content to a mass audience (especially the targeted groups). For this, let us not fit the exact strategy for every other platform we choose to endorse our product. We need to optimize our posts every time on social media. Before this, we have to study what type of audiences we are focusing on while keeping in mind the demography of social media platforms. Such will help us in framing a productive marketing strategy.

When we learn about our targeted groups, we can design or create the posts as per their interests. It will help us in reaching the right set of groups with our content. Posting as per their concerns is likely to help you in mastering the organic reach.

Have a strategy

As an influencer, your efforts to create content runs futile if you don't strategize your content accordingly. If you don't plan on one, how will you end up gaining your organic reach?

Learn to peep into the minds of your audience's interests and post the content accordingly. Have long-term goals and objectives. You can master the organic reach only if you try knowing what the audience wants. Focus on developing your community and audience. By doing so, you will be prone to attracting good social media reach effortlessly. Work on your brand and try incorporating all social media marketing strategies. After all, it is all about forming the interaction and communication with your audiences.

When you do so, you learn to strategize your content based on what your audience wants. This helps you in building a strategy that helps you in uplifting your lost reach. Think wisely and act accordingly.

Does your content have significance?

One of the factors of working on your organic reach is by creating content of importance and quality to your audiences. Let your content get recognized by your community, give them a reason to stick to your posts. The content can vary based on various topics like inspiration, motivation, recreation and whatnot.

There are innumerable ways to engage and hook your audience's attention to your company. It is only possible if you create informative and high-quality content. Before you do so, learn to recognize the importance of the brand you endorse.

For example: An influencer is part of a company that endorses make-up products. The same creator connects with her audiences via live videos on Instagram and Facebook. The influencer shares about her daily skin routine while showcasing the products she uses day-to-day. With the tutorial videos, she represents her brand products while explaining the ways to have healthy skin. With this, she has been able to position her brand in the eyes of customer's importance while showing off the brand quality she endorses. In one way or the other, she has been able to add value to her brand.

Maintain consistency

It is to note that people should post their content continually at an ideal time. The time to post your content should be when individuals are most active and online.

If you post optimally, you will automatically build a social media presence and end up forming a community of your own. But most importantly, creating quality content should be your utmost priority. Strategize and create valuable posts. Be regular and ensure that you deliver informative content. Doing everything in a hassle isn't going to fetch you organic reach. Sit back, relax and build your content wisely.

Content creators spend a lot of time creating content that is found relatable and constructive to their audiences. Therefore, to do the same. Try experimenting with different posts and make sure you don't leave a long gap between your last posts and recent content. Updating and posting will always help you in remaining uniform while allowing you to brainstorm ways to create the posts.

Have a long term vision and post what you think is the best for your brand or company. Many influencers do the same.

Interact and communicate with the audience

To catapult organic reach, make sure you are receptive to your audience. When people connect with your brand, they follow you even more. Maintaining a healthy relationship with them is likely to benefit you. Posting more often on social media by introducing creative visuals and posters does leverage your organic reach. The point is, your effort in creating such content is all that is needed to grow on such social media platforms.

To master the art of perfect posts, include more images, creatives, infographics as it gets noticed more by the audiences.

  • When you create such posts, you enhance your brand value in the eyes of the audience.

  • While doing so, people want to associate themselves with your brand too( only if they like it ).

  • Try enhancing your brand value to fetch or drive a higher level of sales.

Recent studies even show that people are extremely mindful when it comes to decisions about a particular brand.

Try forming a community that respects your brand and your long-term motives associated with it.

Allow your audience to engage with your product

A company across social media platforms tries to expand its social media presence with an organic reach. Try connecting and entertaining the audiences to know what their interests lie in. There is a fair chance to learn more about the marketing strategies and ways to boost sales. Communicating with your audience will let you know their target interests and expectations. Having a community that is responsive, interactive and supportive, results in gathering better organic reach. It is necessary to maintain relationships with people, especially across social media platforms. Without adequate support, a brand/company cannot prosper.

Be responsive

Sometimes it's not the social algorithms that restrict your reach but your content that isn't as profitable as it should be. Building an organic reach is everything you need at the moment. Staying active on social media and catering to the user's needs is what you need to master.

Social media platforms give a boost to your company only if you adopt the right marketing strategies. It promotes your brand and helps you in driving leads. It is to keep in mind that a company should be receptive and responsive while dealing with its social media presence. Responding, dealing and replying to the audiences is to be done professionally to maintain long-term contact.

According to the research, companies who answer to the users on social media are more likely to profit from their social media presence. But some companies falter in this regard. Therefore, if you continue to interact with your targeted audiences, more people will likely get attracted to your brand. Being responsive is the only way to increase your engagement rates and organic reach. So learn to adapt to what's best for you.

Host online events

Building your presence across social media platforms and conducting live events is another way of driving organic reach. Hosting giveaways, contests and live sessions are some of the ways of bringing proper engagement. Learn and equip yourselves with these tips and tricks to witness positive changes.

Understand the theory of algorithms

As we all know, algorithms are a set of technical rules that differentiate the relevant posts on the user's feed. However, individuals tend to carry wrong assumptions about these calculative algorithms. The assumptions formed about the same are:

Assumption: People think that algorithms filter popular and trending posts only.

Reality: The point is algorithms play an important role in diversifying the posts based on your choices, likes or interests. It is all about what sort of content you wish to explore or discover. It all depends on what people want to see, not what algorithms try to show you.

Assumption: Social media algorithms restrict the content from reaching a wider audience

Reality: It is not the algorithms but the number of views, quality and informative content on these social media platforms. It prioritizes informative content rather than limiting your reach.

Assumptions: Social media algorithms hinder the reach of the content during the day.

Reality: Timing plays a crucial role while posting the content. It is all based on the strategic time that helps you in driving maximum engagement.

The following are some of the most widespread assumptions that get supported without knowing the truth. Whereas, on the flip side, social media algorithms are a blessing in disguise. It helps you in driving the organic growth in the audience's feed. It supports posts that are worthy of engagement and interactions. The type of content that is favourable is in the form of images, texts, or videos. Try using them in your feed to enhance your reach. And this is how you get acquainted with organic growth on social media.

Want to know the algorithm hacks for organic social media growth?

  • The algorithms segregate your posts based on what other accounts you've communicated or formed connections with online. It boosts your reach based on three factors:

  • Do they tag you in different posts?

  • Do they reshare and save your posts?

  • Since how long have you been following each other?

  • Another factor is the time you choose to posts your content( only when the audience is active).

  • Are you fulfilling your target audience's interests?

  • Be consistent.

  • Don't believe in false myths.

  • Experiment with different content.

  • Include the use of hashtags.

  • Check your insights more often.


We conclude that social media algorithms are not restricting our social reach, but the content (we create) is. Try to strengthen your organic reach by looking over the important factors like - creating informative posts, hosting live events, posting at the exact time (where users are most active) and much more.

Thus, social media is restricting the reach of our content is just a myth. Eradicate the false beliefs and try enhancing your social media profile now!


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