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  • Tanushree vaish

Business Suite vs Creators Studio vs Business Manager

Updated: Sep 17, 2021


Social media growth and business development are inevitably intertwined in this digital era. From one of the mediums of marketing to one mega-medium to reach out to customers, gain insights, and growing personal and business brands, there is nothing that social media can’t do to grow your business. According to Digital trends 2021, there are approximately 4.2 billion active users on social media. If the massive figure is not taken advantage of, your business is not going in the right direction.

Even for those aspiring to grow their presence in the virtual world, it is not easy to organize everything, given the massive customer presence online. It might require enormous skilled human capital, days of trawling information, and hours of manual data analysis to discern relevant insights.

However, tools like Business Suite and Creators Suite reduce manual intervention and make business processes fast, easy, effective, and inexpensive. Besides organizing your online presence, these tools help you maximize your reach by providing valuable insights.

But it’s easier said than done. While starting your online presence for the first time, it can be difficult and overwhelming to decide where to start, despite knowing the right tools. Worry not! Let me throw a bright light on these essential social media tools so that you know what fits your digital strategy:

Business Manager

Accessing and managing Facebook ad accounts and pages from your personal account may throw your digital security into an abyss. Manual attention to your business accounts may be a tedious task. That makes a business tool essential to manage multiple pages and ad accounts from one place.

Facebook Business Manager is one such all-in-one tool for all your Facebook Pages, ad accounts, business assets, and Instagram product catalogs. Manually adding and assigning administrative roles to your team is a tiresome task. Delegate tasks and grant access to your team members securely with the Business Manager.

Business Manager is good news for agencies. Agencies can now access and manage all client pages and ad accounts from a single place without linking your personal accounts. Business Manager has been designed to manage your business. You no longer have to race between your personal and business profiles or worry about accidentally posting something irrelevant on the wrong profile.

If you are an agency, managing multiple client ad accounts and pages can be laborious. Facebook Business Manager acts as a centralized location to access multiple profiles and accounts besides helping you evaluate and analyze their performance and insights.

With Business Manager, you can choose to grant either full access or partial access securely without having to compromise on your business assets’ ownership. Regulating administrative access simplifies delegation of tasks and monitors your employee activities to avoid any wrong goings. The safety and confidentiality of your business assets may be compromised if you are managing the business accounts through your personal profile.

It’s easy to stay updated with the Business Manager. Access to ex-employees can be easily revoked. Customizing the target audience for different ad campaigns or multiple clients is easy with diverse options on Business Manager, which is otherwise a time-consuming task.

Business Manager also allows you to add product catalogs, events, payment options, and registrations.

Business Suite

Business Suite is Facebook’s yet another management platform primarily focused on businesses and simplifying their social media management. Although there is Business Manager already for the same purpose, the Business Suite is more powerful and effective.

Facebook Business Suite is a centralized location for all your business presences on Facebook and Instagram. Business Suite saves you a lot of time and effort. It allows scheduled posting, receiving notifications, responding to customers from one place, and managing multiple accounts or profiles from a centralized location.

You don’t have to stay away from your business anymore as the Business Suite platform is accessible on both mobile and desktop. The layout of the analytics tab is user-friendly and easy to understand. It is interactive as well and allows you to sort the data in different ways for easy comparison.

Business Suite is one of the most powerful tools of all the Facebook’s business management tools. You can glance through all your profiles and accounts from your Business Suite home screen. So, no more switching through accounts.

You can also view insights, updates, ads, and post-performance. You can respond to all your user queries from a single inbox. All the new messages and comments of all your accounts on both Facebook and Instagram will be dropped right into your inbox. This makes life so much easier and you can address all queries at a time without having to miss even a single question.

You can create ads, posts, stories, and schedule them for publishing on Business Suite.

Creator’s Studio

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram profited creators and marketers by allowing them to showcase their works in the best possible way. However, with the growing number of creators day by day, the lack of content management mechanism has been strongly felt. Creator’s Studio fills in the gap and allows creators to manage their online presence without much hassle.

Creator’s Studio is a powerful content management hub for creators and marketers that allows them to connect with their target audience meaningfully, strategize online growth, and track performance on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Creator’s Studio is available to everyone who wishes to create content, be it creators, publishers, marketers, brands, and businesses. It allows scheduling of posts, tracking content reach, and gaining insights into your content performance. Marketers and creators, who are not aware of Creator’s Studio, are still relying on third-party tools. But, Facebook’s Creator Studio can provide deeper insights and can be an extra advantage for managing your content.

Business Manager and Business Suite allow you to professionally manage multiple pages and ad accounts. Creator’s Studio is all about organizing and managing your content that includes scheduling posts, publishing content, and monitoring the performance of your content with an emphasis on video content. Business Suite and Manager provides detailed insights about your business and post-performance like post views, audience retention, and engagement but Creator Studio equips you with post formatting options.

Parallels between Business Suite and Creator’s Studio

Despite serving different purposes, a few features of Business Suite and Creator’s Studio collide. Both the analytic tools are universally accessible, that is, they can be accessed on either desktop or smartphone OS.

Business Suite as well as Creator’s Studio allows scheduling of posts. You can create and schedule posts via these tools. This allows you to post at a time when the majority of your target audience are online.

The most common feature of Business Suite and Creator’s Studio is analytics review. Analytics tool is the revolutionary feature introduced in the digital marketing field. It allows you to see, analyze, and evaluate the performance of your posts and ad campaigns.

Both the social media management tools allow you to host live videos on Facebook as well as Instagram.

Which one is the right fit for me?

Although both the platforms provide easy-to-use and stream lined features, you will have to experiment with both Business Suite and Creator’s Studio to find out which one works for you the best. However, Business Suite is your best bet for evaluating your content’s performance, responding to bulk texts, and answering reviews. Creator’s Studio is the ideal solution for scheduling, editing, creating, and saving drafts of your posts. Hence, a combination of two is a wise choice.

It will be difficult to get accustomed to these tools in the beginning. But, they are not as complicated as they may seem in the beginning. It is only a matter of time and experience until you finally master the game.

Importance of these Platforms

Data analytics is a big leap for businesses as it equips organizations with valuable insights about their audience and engagement. If you have a business page on Instagram and Facebook, the growth potential is endless. Business Management tools are great opportunities to gain valuable insights about your business and strategize your growth accordingly.

Facebook stands tall amongst all the social media platforms with over 2.6 billion monthly active users amounting to half of the global internet user base. With a mammoth-sized user base, Facebook maintains robust data analytics mechanisms to equip the businesses with user demographics. The demographics in turn are effectively utilized by businesses to target their audience and create customized marketing strategies. Without business management tools like Business Suite, which provide this rich information, marketing might not have looked the way it does now.

Managing digital presence is not an easy task. Even with these tools, it can be hectic sometimes. But, it is still an advantage to have AI as your digital media manager, isn’t it? The nitty-gritties and trivialities of managing these tools aside, once you realize the potential and efficiency of these ‘digital managers’ there is no going back. The valuable insights provided by these tools can turn out to be a game changer, if you know how to utilize them properly. Artificial intelligence coupled with human creativity can create wonders for your business. If you are confused till now about what these tools can do for you, well, they can revolutionize your identity and kick-start your business’s growth trajectory.


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