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  • Kiara Hanice

10 Things Everyone Hates About Instagram


Ever wondered if Instagram has been subjected to misconceptions? Or did you ever think of Instagram's algorithms causing a wrong effect? If so, the article will clear all your queries.

Instagram is one of the prominent and reputed platforms with the maximum number of people engaging, interacting and living its benefits. In addition, people falsely associate such a platform with unfavourable effects. They think that sometimes Instagram does not support their content or choices. But, in reality, Instagram's algorithms do not work in this way. It makes sure that people get to receive the best and perfectly guides them.

To know more about the same, let us read the following article.

I on Instagram refers to - Instagram for creators is not the same as Instagram for Business

It is wrongly assumed; that Instagram for Creator is the same as Instagram for Business. Well, it is not. Creator's profile works with brands and influencers personally. However, business profiles are running these brands, which have a strategic goal of monetization. The creators are not making content for marketing and business. But a Business for Instagram is equipped with a lot of features and tools. They display a call-to-action button, contact feature, etc. If you're trying to pursue marketing, then switch to the business account. Nevertheless, people believe that Instagram does not offer such features. Well, it is all about how and in what way you wish to portray yourself.

Hence, learn, understand and differentiate.

N stands for the (limited) number of hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram play a crucial role in boosting your reach and helping you reach a wider audience. They filter your posts under a particular niche and allow users to view your content once they visit the same hashtag. However, users are not satisfied with adding thirty hashtags and still not gaining reach. Because of this, they tend to blame Instagram. However, fellow creators should understand that bombarding your feed with multiple irrelevant hashtags will not leverage the reach of your content even if you add thirty tags to the feed.

Make sure you add the appropriate and relevant hashtags. Add those which seem related to the content or posts. Once you do so, you are going to witness positive results. Add hashtags that seem necessary and suitable, instead of trying to spam your feeds. Hence, Instagram is never stopping the creators by limiting the reach but is helping you take the right step and follow essential protocols.

S in Instagram Stands for (insignificant ) spamming

Hello! Nice pic! Follow for follow! etc.

Well, well, I am sure that Millennials are not alien to this superficial and irrelevant spamming. As creators, bloggers or writers, we find such spamming infuriating. Yes, Instagram has indeed been continuously evolving and adjusting to the newly introduced Algorithms. However, it is undeniable that it has also boosted the account's reach and helped you earn enough followers; while allowing you to connect with the leading personalities worldwide.

In addition, Instagram is struggling to correct, analyse and remove the irrelevant bombarding of comments. Nevertheless, repetitive or trivial spamming is not going to affect your work as a creator. Instagram being the recreational platform, does aim at reducing such content while supporting the relevant ones. Instead of focusing on unsolicited spamming, Social Media users do not get tired of its exceptional services and features. After all, who wouldn't like such an app with innumerable filters, features like DM, to be able to sneak-peak into the lives of leading personalities and whatnot?

Yes, I understand that it is frustrating when someone bombards your posts with useless comments, but if it bothers you, Instagram allows you to delete or report the comment (while specifying the reasons for the same). See, again, Instagram keeps a check and secures your choices in the best possible ways. Yet, Don't limit yourself to spamming and use features that interest you.

T on Instagram stands for tagged you in a post

Instagram is one of the fruitful platforms that allows you to create, share and collaborate. Once you do so, you tag other artists too. As creators, you work together on various endorsements, advertisements and other works. However, the netizens feel that receiving the notification that says, tagged you in a post, by an unknown person seems frustrating. Well, that's true, but we cannot deny the fact that we can reach out to millions of artists just by tagging them.

As a part of the unknown tagging, Social Media users always have an exceptional feature that allows them to detach themselves from the tags. You can remove yourself from someone's posts, hide your content from them and block the user. And this is how Instagram supervises and keeps a check on our choices. We cannot blame such a platform for letting it happen. But you are allowed to choose whether you wish to be a part of someone's content or not. Because of such features, individuals feel relaxed and comfortable on such apps.

Hence, we cannot blame Instagram for such matters, but we have to understand to use the features that help us rectify the problems. Yet, This is how Instagram's algorithms help you on these social platforms.

A in Instagram stands for Algorithms

Are you wondering if you only get to witness the repetitive posts of your followers in your feed and nothing else?

Well, as Instagrammers, you have a lot to discover, explore and uncover. Instead of continuously scrolling in your feeds and waiting for new content to occur magically, you can always hunt for influential creators, constructive content and other things of your interests. Yes, algorithms sort and prioritize the most relevant posts in your feeds, but those forms of content depending on your searches. So it is all about the content you like to view and follow. Do not allow yourself to glimpse the old posts by your followers, but look for intriguing content, facts and other things.

The algorithm is not to be blamed, as they work in your favour and allow you to watch the most likeable content instead of bombarding your feeds with anything and everything. It is only because of the Algorithms that you get to see the inspiring content. Such cannot be ignored. Hence, they work for you and allow you to view the best content.

G in Instagram stands for geotagging

Social Media platforms like Instagram, also have a feature of Geotagging that is specifying your location through pictures and sharing the same on your Instagram stories. However, many Social Media users are unhappy with such a feature. They are not comfortable using this aspect of Instagram; as they believe that it allows strangers to know about your location and find out where you are or heading to that seems to be disturbing and troublesome, as people can always reach up to you.

Moreover, they believe that this feature is allowing people to invade their privacy and is tracking them. But most importantly, Instagram is not to be blamed as they have introduced such a feature to help people navigate through the best places and visit them. Hence, geotagging is one of the nicest features.

R in Instagram stands for (unsolicited) Reposting

Instagram is one of the Social Media platforms that respect your choices and empowers your ideas while allowing you to create something big out of it. Undoubtedly, it allows you to engage, follow and repost the contents however you wish to. But, sometimes, it does not allow the users the ability to seek the creator's approval, before choosing to repost their work. Indeed, it is nothing but breaching someone's copyright. No feature within this app allows them to choose, seek or yearn for the creator's permission. And such is affecting the feature of reposting. Because of this, Instagram enables users to think that everyone can access other people's content. Yes, it is unfair but that is what Instagram is built on. As creators, influencers or bloggers, you curate your content for your audiences so that they read, support and re-share your work with others. Without such help, your account cannot prosper.

If you choose to respect your privacy and choices, you can always have a private account without letting others intervene in your space but the ones you follow. And as a public account, Instagram has not introduced a feature that allows you to seek the creator's approval, but it does allow you to look for the story-reshares, insights, impressions, etc. Yet, as a Social Media user, you have all the right to protect your content and preserve it in the best possible ways.

A in Instagram stands for Advertisements

Social Media platforms like Instagram, allow certain brands and businesses to boost their account's growth by introducing the feature of advertisements. However, it is believed that Advertisements do not necessarily seem productive when it comes to; driving traffic to a website or an account's page. In addition, many brands focus on paid marketing while using Instagram ads and still receive no response. Maybe, it is because users scroll through their feeds, like the posts and ignore them. Now here, Instagram is at no fault. It is all about how you choose to promote yourself as a brand. If you find such a feature frustrating, then you can always go for organic marketing. When you do it that way, you will get a genuine following with potential customers. More than anything, such a strategy is likely to help you gain enough traffic and form a community of loyal users.

As a Brand, you have to choose the best ways in which you will endorse yourself. In addition, Organic marketing is likely to uplift your business ideals and allow you to gain more profits. Accounts with such a strategy receive the best forms of engagement. Yet, Instagram helps you to make the best choices and act accordingly.

M in Instagram refers to metrics

Metrics on Instagram play a crucial role in helping users gain valuable insights, record analytical growth, etc. However, people believe that some metrics do not display a great deal of insight as; received on their content. They don't help you look for the right strategy. Regardless of that, you have to understand that as a rational Social Media marketer; you have to look for the best strategies, goals and ways to boost your growth. Metrics will only help you decide what sort of strategy is working and what isn't. The overall working and decision-making are all done by the user itself.


People fail to understand the features of Instagram. They neglect the crucial aspects of such a platform and do not use them in the correct ways. Hence, Instagram is one of the best arenas that introduces relentless features and boosts the brand's growth. They acknowledge your choices and empower them. Yet, all you have to do is understand the idea of the Algorithms in itself. Once you decipher the same, you become rational and understand the idea behind such platforms in the right ways.


We conclude that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms with many features. However, people fail to acknowledge the significance associated with it. When understood in the right ways, you will be fascinated by the level of features it has to offer hence, one has to know the idea behind algorithms before they choose to use these tools on Instagram.


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