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How to manage to stay on top with social media algorithms and trends


Social media is slowly and steadily unravelling its algorithms and trends to enhance, sort and differentiate valuable content by introducing profitable marketing strategies for the creators, professionals and specialists. Staying on top of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, it won't be problematic if we equip ourselves with possible solutions and tools.

The following article is likely to brainstorm you on the ways to cater, deal and react to such trends.

What is a Social Media Algorithm & Trend?

Social media algorithms and trends refer to the way of categorizing and classifying posts in the audience's feed based on their relevancy. The algorithms are mainly responsible for prioritizing the content a user wishes to see in their feed which is determined by the type of posts one likes exploring.

How do the algorithms function?

The functionality of algorithms can be equally confusing and complicated. However, the algorithms work similarly to data science while grouping, ranking and categorizing posts based on a particular criterion. Individuals tend to look at these algorithms as an obstruction to their growth but, that’s not the case. Rather than blaming these trends, adopting a rational and a cognitive approach to understand the ways, we need to start creating our posts effectively.

How do I win over the Instagram algorithm?

To master the ways to win over Instagram, the following are how we can do so:

  • Writes meaningful and readable captions with some SEO keywords.

  • Engage with the audience.

  • Incorporate the use of the right and relevant hashtags.

  • Post Instagram stories for interacting with the audience.

  • Stay active and consistent while posting regularly.

Updates for Instagram

Instagram has introduced some of the fruitful ways in which they decide the basis on which they propose your content or not.

The most important factors that determine the same are:

  • Giveaways or information about the contests doesn't get recommended.

  • Pages with clickbait don't get endorsed.

Instagram has introduced a feature of reels, some accounts have been enjoying using this feature, so it is extremely purposeful to invest in this type of content. Therefore, reels are a good medium to post short stories/content, it can help you grow while enabling you to reach a wider audience simply by displaying the number of viewers.

How do I win over the Facebook algorithm?

To understand the ways to win over the Facebook algorithm, the following are how we can do so:

  • Post influential and meaningful content.

  • Invite questions to engage the audience.

  • Make your posts visible to the 'public'.

  • Introducing short videos on Facebook.

Updates for Facebook

The important updates introduced by Facebook is as follows:

  • Facebook has been able to introduce a new feature of scheduling the posts in groups. It induces the audience to engage with the posts while making them even more interactive.

  • Facebook has executed the proposed set of hashtags. Whenever a person is composing a post, he/she can use them. However, this feature isn't accessible to all as of now. It can be profitable if this feature is formulated for all as it will strengthen our reach on Facebook.

Here are some 9 ways to stay on the top of the social media algorithms

  1. Stay updated on social media blogs

Social media Blogs serve as a nexus between the updated trends on social media while informing the updates about the same with the subscribed audiences. Not only will you discover the updates, but also the constructive strategies you can adopt fruitfully. Social media blogs are a storehouse of valuable information instructing you about the ongoing changes while advising you to subscribe to the newsletters to stay up to date with the recent trends.

Any rational individual can add blogs to the feed or avail to the subscription for the newsletters. The former one is likely to leverage your ability to curate the content while the latter will notify you regarding the recent news in your inbox directly.

Stay updated to leverage your content.

  1. Volunteer and participate in the events

Social media serves to be a powerhouse of innumerable opportunities in helping you to grow, learn and discover how to make your content exceptional and extraordinary from the rest. For that, you can participate in online events which would brainstorm you on competent strategies and techniques to ace these social media algorithms.

Before looking out for events, one has to choose wisely. Make sure the event is offered by experienced professionals who would help you in consuming knowledgeable facts. Invest in the events which you think connotes your desired field of interest. Learn the constructive and effective tactics of marketing while executing them favourably. Such factors will leverage your content and help you in overpowering your social media presence. Be rational in your approach.

  1. Join the right groups with relevant information

There are countless groups on social media platforms that relay and broadcast valuable updates on specific topics, particularly in groups. For example, ‘If you wish to join a group on Facebook, just type ‘Social Media' in the search box and hunt for the groups with sufficient audience or subscribers. A group with a huge following is more viable in receiving accurate information.

  1. Discover and follow influencers on social media

Social media is a hub of influencers and content creators. Whenever there is a new announcement, alert or notification, you'll find creators discussing it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

To hunt for the best creators, look for the hashtags showing the most active people on Twitter. Segregate the best creators and subscribe to them to receive timely updates. Their profiles are quite evident in showcasing what they have to say about the recent trends and algorithms. Don't hesitate if you want to ask questions. After all, social media is all about that.

  1. Look for what's trending on Explore

Instagram's Explore page helps the followers in looking at the hashtags to see what sort of content is trending and why. The followers are keen on discovering and finding the latest trends as it intrigues them. The algorithms will teach them the tactics to gain high engagement, insights and a higher reach organically.

Therefore, one can consistently look for the ongoing trends if one wishes to stay on top of social media.

  1. Schedule your posts to receive a higher engagement

To receive a higher engagement, prioritize and schedule your posts at a time when the audience is online and active. Posting at the right time determines and decides the level of engagement one receives. The content is likely to get acknowledged when the audience is busy online. Timing plays an important role in increasing/decreasing our engagement rates. Surprisingly, Posting the content even depends on the type of network one possesses. Regardless of that, timing does decide the engagement rates of our content.

  1. Incorporate the use of the appropriate hashtags

Looking for the appropriate hashtags is necessary, as it does make your content reach a wider audience. On using hashtags, your post gets categorized under a group of tags that appears on the feed/explore. People can view your work once they follow the hashtag. After that, your content becomes readable and searchable anywhere and everywhere.

Algorithms and trends positively affect your social media presence by introducing new growth techniques, must-haves and other ways of driving audience engagement organically. Thus, including the right hashtags with good reach has to be adopted to stay on the top of social media.

  1. Post all sorts of content

Posting the same form of content over and again can lessen your engagement rates and growth on social media. Explore with other different types of content too. To invite organic growth and to keep the followers intact, prioritize your posts as per the rules of the algorithm.

Include and incorporate the following types of content which, are as follows-

  • Image-oriented posts.

  • Introduce short videos to your feed.

  • Include links with the post.

  • Use multiple hashtags in a post.

Exploring such content is likely to give you an idea of what form of content is more viable and why. Be experimental with the content you post, as it might influence your presence on social media.

  1. Mention a few accounts in your post

Whenever you make a post, make sure you tag a few accounts as a way of letting them view and share your work. If you are tagging any business account, make sure you mention them appropriately. With that being said, it is also important not to spam accounts while tagging, you should have their permission for the same.


We, therefore, conclude that to remain on top of social media trends and algorithms, we need to follow profitable strategies while executing and adopting them simultaneously. Such marketing tactics will help you in gaining greater awareness and understanding of ways to compete in the ongoing virtual race while winning over.

If you follow the instructions, you can monitor your content, study the facts, expand your network while observing your tremendous growth. The above-explained tactics are likely to enhance your feed by promoting organic growth. Anything and everything you do that follows the rules of the algorithm will positively affect your feed.

Think, adopt and execute wisely.


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