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  • Tanushree Vaish

Fundamentals Of Social Media Marketing

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Nearly every business uses social media to boost awareness of the brand, share and connect with customers and clients, and provide critical contact points in the changing consumer experience.

Meanwhile, both new and experienced marketers are still attempting to figure out what constitutes a good social media marketing approach. As per a 2016 industry report by Social Media Examiner, 90 percent of marketers believe social media is crucial to their brand. Only 41% of respondents claim to be able to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their social media initiatives.

Any effective marketer will tell you that the first step to success is to write down your approach. In terms of what should be included, in this article, you'll learn the fundamentals of social media marketing and we have mentioned a few key aspects to consider, which might help you to increase your brand recognition.

Let's begin.

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing field is enormous, with new platforms appearing all the time. In the age of social media, the only thing that can ever be guaranteed to remain consistent in its absolute randomness. However, some fundamental principles assist to influence how brands engage with their customers online.

You will interact with your customers through a variety of methods, based on your approach. It's a means for you to send various communications to existing or new clients daily. One of the two methods can be used to achieve this:

  • Organic marketing through social media.

  • Paid marketing through social media.

Organic Social Media Marketing

Developing an organic following is challenging, and until you have infinite time and effort to devote to it, delivering on your own and making an effect is nearly impossible. Taking a piece of your content in between and can’t keep people returning. Brands are increasingly expected to develop gifs, memes, films, polls, topical material, and more as audience expectations of organic online marketing become more complex (or unsophisticated, different ways of looking at it).

And the most difficult part? Eliminating an overly self-promotional approach. No one wants to be constantly pushed to. And whether you are going to sell something, you just do it in a manner that benefits your audience.

Make an effort to entertain, engage, or inform your audience. They'll be surprised, delighted, or shocked. You can devote time to understanding your audience as well as what they connect to as long as it does in line with your strategy and future brand recognition. It will not only enhance your popularity and the likelihood of new people noticing you, but it will also provide your current followers with an incentive to stick with you.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Every social media network, it comes as no surprise, operates uniquely. Amidst this, some marketing specialists analyze and study algorithms, coming to a conclusion and tips that can assist vaguely lead your channel plans.

We say roughly because establishing the exact method for getting organic content to appear more often in social feeds is far from simple.

Why is it so?

Social media marketing is a business, after all. It's a profitable one, too (social media advertising-income is expected to reach $51.3 billion in 2018 alone). Social media might probably not work or even exist unless we all know how to access the system. Platforms Need you to pay to be seen by their users. In return, many of them provide more comprehensive, targeted demographics, ranging from the more general ones like age, gender, and location to more specific ones like buying patterns and interests.

One of the numerous reasons why a company might select paid social media marketing platforms over more traditional techniques is for retargeting. For many organizations, acquiring new customers, increasing online traffic, and building brand awareness are all important goals. Remarketing on these media can also help you reach out to those who are already interested in your brand and persuade them to take action.

Best Way To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whether you work for an in-house team, a marketing agency, or are simply attempting to set up stuff for your own company, it's vital to comprehend why you're doing it before you get started. The what, how, why and when of social media marketing are all part of your strategy. It's your game plan, your road map to success, and a reminder to stay on track.

Define Your Objectives

  • What are your objectives for social media marketing?

  • Do you want to grow a following?

  • Do you want to generate leads?

  • Increase the number of conversions?

  • Give your company's image a boost?

  • Or possibly just give a customer service platform?

Be honest with yourself about how you'll employ social media marketing tools. And, depending on your budget, what you can accomplish in a reasonable amount of time. Do you use a mix of paid and organic methods? What are your short- and long-term objectives? Is it possible to divide these into quarterly, more manageable pieces?

Consider Your Targeted Audience

  • What are their names?

  • What are their ages?

  • What do people do with their free time, both online and offline?

  • Which platforms do you think they'll use?

  • What are their aches and pains?

Make A Content Selection

  • How can you use the main points of your target audience to create useful social media content? Is it possible to divide these issues into overall themes and topics?

  • Are there any days of awareness that you should include?

  • What will your sponsored advertising look like with your organic content?

Start Planning

Once you've established your major topics for social media marketing, you can begin creating top-line schedules and plans for your staff to follow. You'll need to consider content, structure, and any scheduling software you'll require.

Decide On Your Execution Procedure

Provide your teams with their schedules and briefs, and make sure they have all of the appropriate sizes for the various social media platforms. Also, they must be aware of the nuances of online advertisements on various platforms (for example, the 20 percent text rule on Facebook ads).


You can start posting once all parties have signed off on the content and materials. Based on how often posts you need to plan, you might want to consider using a publishing platform to automate when they go the life and eliminate some of the tedious duties.

Listening And Participation

It's critical to keep an eye on your channels daily once your content has gone live. If your team has the capacity, do so several times every day. It's crucial to be able to listen and interact with your followers. Plus, if something unfavorable is stated, you may answer swiftly before anyone has a chance to build an incorrect impression.

Reporting And Analytics

Focus on finding the perfect platform for you. Most great publishing tools allow the user to create report generation. Checking each channel manually can take a long time, especially if you're following many brands.

Social Media Advertising

While smaller businesses can handle their paid advertising in-house, hiring a paid advertising professional is usually a good idea. Having a professional on your team ensures that your campaigns are optimized for the proper audiences and that your plan is updated when new information becomes available.

Examples of Social Media Marketing

All of the best social media campaigns have one familiar pattern: they're all creative. They catch people's interest and get them talking. Social media may be used to motivate, entertain, and promote a variety of products.

Marketers continue to discover innovative ways to boost their visibility and reach while also communicating their brand's message, even in what has essentially become a pay-to-play channel.

Let's have a look at some of the social media marketing examples for a better understanding.

Social Media Marketing On YouTube

'The Best Men Can Be,' by Gillette

Gillette developed a social media ad in January 2019 aimed at a modern vision of manhood.

The short clip, which was only available on YouTube, highlighted various instances of men battling with traditional masculinity, which Gillette promoted: the fear of expressing emotions, gender discrimination, and bullying others.

The film then goes on to highlight numerous examples of positive masculinity, such as sticking up toward others, showing concern for one's family, and so on. The #MeToo movement was certainly an influence on the campaign.

Positive male role models having short anecdotes about their experience in the world were also featured on the company's Instagram page:

  • Organizers.

  • Leaders in the community.

  • CEOs of nonprofits.

Furthermore, the company stated that it would donate $1 million each year for the next three years to non-profit groups implementing the most creative and effective initiatives geared to help young males meet their best desires.

What Was The Reason For Its Success?

This ad was able to tap into a topic that is both timely and extensively discussed. It contrasted Gillette's prior branding with a new one, demonstrating the company's readiness to change.

It was also highly contentious at the time since some people weren't happy with how the short film depicted men and thought it was disrespectful. They even launched a #boycottgillette hashtag, although it only accounted for about 3.5 percent of all social media conversations about the campaign.

Social Media Marketing On Twitter

#vegansausageroll From Greggs

Greggs is a popular bakery in the United Kingdom. They debuted their Greggs vegan sausage roll in January with a creative video portraying Apple advertisements. But, it was the incidents that preceded the advertisement that created the ad so memorable.

Piers Morgan, a contentious public figure, retweeted Greggs' statement and voiced displeasure with the vegan sausage roll's presence. Greggs, along with almost 9,000 other Twitter users, replied to Piers Morgan. They didn't hold back in making clever retorts to both sausage roll fans and detractors. That sparked a social media debate between pro-vegan and anti-vegan British citizens!

The vegan sausage roll became one of Greggs' best-selling items that year.

What Was The Reason For Its Success?

Although the campaign's success was largely due to an organic retweet rather than a Greggs-planned effort, it once again demonstrates the power of influencer marketing. Even a bad view stated by an influencer generates a lot of buzz for your brand.

Additionally, if it's an influencer who most people despise, you're the only one who benefits from this retweet. The benefits of being humorous on social media are another lesson to take away from this campaign. Greggs' amusing reactions to detractors helped him get a new audience, and it's smart social media practice not to take oneself too seriously.

Social Media Marketing On Instagram

Spotify’s #yearwrapped

Spotify began a campaign towards the end of last year in which customers can see the most essential musical highlights on its platform. Spotify Wrapped was a special homepage that displayed your most-listened artists, categories, songs, as well as other interesting data.

You might also examine how the music you heard that year corresponded to your events in life. Spotify suggests sharing these favorites on social media, notably Twitter and Instagram Stories, and tagging your favorite artist of the year after you've gone through each of the data analyses.

What Was The Reason For Its Success?

In this ad, Spotify integrated two significant psychological possible causes: customization and FOMO.

To begin with, the app offered each user a personalized tale - you could see how your musical tastes evolved over the year and which songs joined you on your journey. Secondly, Spotify increased the campaign's impact by allowing and promoting social media sharing. People instinctively wanted to brag about their highlights to their peers, which piqued their interest in trying this out.

Social Media Marketing On Facebook

L’Oréal’s Beauty Squad

To market their brands and events, L'Oréal partnered with five of the UK's most prominent and inspiring beauty YouTubers.

The technique resulted in a more authentic relationship between both the company and the blogger, rather than merely soliciting sponsored posts. As a result, the influencer's social media channels have more authentic and consistent material. Everything is #Sponsored. Fans are more receptive to the content since there is a larger, solid relationship behind it.

What Was The Reason For Its Success?

Influencers have progressed from supporting the media to becoming media figures in their very own right. Many organizations see influencers as an "opportunity," but seeing them as a means of reaching their social followings produces an artificial and inefficient relationship.

L'Oréal took a step further by forming their bunch of talented influencers to spread their messages, and they hope this will usher in a new era of brand-talent-audience interactions.


As the general visibility and influence social networks have on users, social media marketing is becoming a need for businesses. Even though having a social media presence has become a requirement, there are different ways to use it to improve your business.

We must acknowledge that social networks represent a new aspect of the fact that has found its way into the economic sector. Over 90% of marketers say they are or will be utilizing social media for business, and more than 60% say they have gained new consumers through social media.