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Our algorithm often construct a hypothesis directly from the training instances enabling it to grow the complexity of the core functionality over time with the help of data stored in memory. Therefore it compares new problem instances with instances seen in training, instead of performing explicit generalisation. This functionality is called

The goal is to create a custom bespoke model, tailored to each use case instead of having to transform your requirements to fit a standard algorithm. By means of artificially increasing the training set we can simply build a predictive model analogously as a learned method of generating synthetic data. This type of learning algorithm is defined by

You only live Once!

As a creator, you are expected to be actively engaged 24x7x365 days. This can be very exhausting for many such influencers, who have a life outside the social media network surrounding them. However, such experiences can be constructively managed by our social media algorithms, as it continuously learns about your choices over time and engages automatically with your follower base. An artificial intelligence (ai) based algorithm can by itself mimic human-like interaction with other users by liking, commenting and sharing stories on the connected platforms without any human interaction or intervention. We have enabled machine-vision to help identify content relevant to your interests and generate responses that match the caption, description and suitable sentiment parameters associated with a user profile. Most of the social media companies rely on machine learning to analyse and create a unique feed for its users. This level of personalisation is defined on the basis of certain ranking factors unique to each algorithm. This factors also indirectly limit your content to reach a wider audience to establish a variety. Such signals can be identified and fine tuned to enable a better performance of your post and profile.

Social media companies rank users on the basis of engagement rate, We typically see a higher engagement rate for profiles which are active, relevant and engaging with the platform on a daily and timely basis. Continuity is the key to success and the algorithm adopts with your followers activity over time to build an optimal engagement model and




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