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  • Divya Rani Sharma

The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Ever wondered if Artificial Intelligence is a bone or a bane? Or have you realized the significance of AI-based applications daily?

If so, you've reached the right place.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the exceptional computer programs, which aim at interpreting human intelligence in machines. It observes and then puts forward the desired results. In addition, AI-based technology enables the machines to perform several tasks like problem-solving, decision making, etc. It implies that the machine becomes smart and intelligent by undertaking necessary work on its own.

To know more, let us read the following article to understand the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence.

The pros and cons of the Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence comprises a part of computer science that incorporates the use of human intelligence in machines. Within this, machines carry algorithms that focus on making decisions based on the given data. In addition, AI is more like intelligent agents or entities that leverage the sensors to interpret the situations and then take an action accordingly. Be it voice assistant Amazon Alexa or any other thing. Artificial Intelligence facilitates and imitates the human mind.

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term that carries the aspects of machine learning. It commands the machines to carry out several tasks in a similar way as humans do. Machine Learning within AI allows or permits access to the data. In a way, machines can examine and learn by themselves.

Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence is also known as Strong AI or Weak AI. The former can mimic human intelligence. But, the latter can only identify the facets of human intelligence. An example of the same is Siri.

Pros of Artificial Intelligence.

To know more about the advantages of Artificial Intelligence, let us read the following points and brainstorm its necessary functions and aspects.

Artificial Intelligence is accessible 24*7.

The AI-based program is designed and formulated in ways one cannot imagine. It is not only found accessible but is susceptible to human queries 24X7. Unlike humans, AI does not get tired of performing tedious tasks anytime or every time. It continuously works without taking any breaks in between. Artificial Intelligence is beneficial in this regard, as they do not have to overthink their working hours, unlike humans with 9 to 5 jobs.

Example- Educational and healthcare institutes receive numerous queries and are answered effectively by the technology of AI.

Artificial Intelligence acts like our very own Digital assistants

It is witnessed that many organisations and institutes employ digital assistants to communicate with the users, which indeed is less-time consuming compared to taking help from humans. These digital assistants cater to our demands and queries while helping us navigate the essential resources as needed or required. To identify this feature, you all must have visited different websites and seen the feature of chatbots. Such comprises the facets of Artificial Intelligence and are designed in ways that help us with automated responses. It enables us to wonder if we were chatting with a chatbot or a human.

Example- We all wonder how companies have a customer support team and cater to the queries. On the contrary, these websites have installed or designed an AI- programmed Chatbot or voice-based assistants that help the customers with queries or questions. The website of Oneoughtone supports such a feature.

Artificial Intelligence is added to the applications.

We all are familiar with voice-based sounds like Ok Google or Alexa. Yes, such software has AI-based programs that help us find a particular location, ways of answering an email, etc.

For example; Today, no one is alien to the concept of seeking help from these AI-based assistants as they exist in our mobile applications, computers, etc. Such allows us to yearn for various answers to the questions and helps us accordingly.

Earlier, we had to ask for directions for our destination from the locals. However, today, we can always depend on these applications to navigate the locations and find the fastest route/way of reaching a place.

Artificial Intelligence helps us make quick decisions.

The role of Artificial Intelligence today has paved the way for a better tomorrow. In simple words, AI-based technologies are accustomed to taking quick decisions in no time. Unlike humans, these machines do not require the art of thinking emotionally but intelligently. The ability or ways in which the software is designed allows them to generate quick decisions or results.

For example- As a kid, we all played computer games like Chess. Earlier that time, the competition existed between you and the other player ( played by the computer). Before taking any chance, you think, analyse and then bid for your turn. However, the AI-based machine (another player) in the game does not rethink but takes a shorter time in comparison to the humans. The reason behind the effectiveness of such a game is how the algorithms are designed or made to function. Well, well, you might have wondered if the player on the other side of the game was super clever.

Yes, you are right AI is.

Artificial Intelligence is always a step ahead in helping us deal with repetitive tasks.

It is undeniable that we as humans get tired of repetitive tasks daily. Be it checking the grammatical errors in the article or writing an email. However, AI-based programs have eased our work, because of this, we can become more productive. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence. With this, we can effectively automate these tasks.

Example- We often get tired of searching or analysing the best template for writing an email. However, with AI-based programs,

We get to write the automated structure/format of an email constructively and effectively.

Reduces human mistakes.

AI-based programs aim at reducing human errors by automating designated tasks quickly and efficiently. With such a technology, companies find it easy to undertake essential duties and complete them within the stipulated time. Artificial Intelligence has several skills that try at problem-solving, generating automated responses and much more. AI is likely to reduce human errors while correcting them.

Cons of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is indeed contrary to demonstrating human emotions such as happiness, love or hate. Now, the point where AI can be at maximum risk or disadvantages is as follows -

Artificial Intelligence can turn devastating.

It is observed that Artificial Intelligence is one of how it can turn into dangerous weapons if found used in the wrong ways. The AI program can easily build or kill anything and, such a thing keeps this technology at a risk. These programs are designed in a way that can inadvertently unleash an AI war and can cause destruction. Yet, it can turn to be dangerous, which can affect the situation in a destructive way.

Artificial Intelligence can end up making humans unproductive.

With the introduction of AI-based technology, we are heavily dependent on these applications, which ends up making us feel ineffective. Because of the introduction of AI, maximum individuals are accustomed to getting obsessed with these technologies that can cause a problem for the upcoming generations.

AI-based programs carry no emotions.

Undoubtedly, the machines are highly efficient and effective while performing several tasks. However, this software cannot interpret human emotions and feelings and, because of this, it can be at a disadvantage.

The role of Artificial Intelligence has enabled unemployment.

Artificial Intelligence is one of how it can produce constructive and efficient work. Many organisations and institutions have started to adopt technologies that can do quality work in less time. Because of this, the role of human beings is slowly and steadily decreasing and creating unemployment. It is feared that in the upcoming time, machine-based software is going to replace humans and will end up making people jobless. It is assumed that by 2030, there will be a 50% increase in the time spent on technological assistance. Such an increase in this overuse of AI-based programs might introduce less human intervention. In addition, companies are even looking to replace the qualified workforce with AI technology. In such a way, unemployment is on the verge of destroying people's careers and has been changing the patterns of working.

AI-based technologies require higher costs of maintenance

It is observed that Artificial Intelligence is revamping itself every day, because of which, the software needs to get updated with its latest versions as and when required. This way, it employs maintenance and up-gradation. Yes, it covers high costs as it is machine software.


We conclude that just like two sides or a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. As humans, we need to use these programs or inventions in the right ways or use them in places wherever it is required. The technology, when used correctly, has the power to create a positive change. However, We have to realise that the only way this technology will flourish is when we work towards using them in inappropriate ways. We have to understand & carefully employ dependency on machines while not completely losing ourselves in using these technological skills.


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