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  • Kiara Hanice

The Simplest Way To Make The Best Use Of Social Media Algorithms


Ever wondered about the necessary components of social media algorithms?

If so, you've reached the right place.

Social media algorithms are a set of calculative rules that prioritizes posts on a user's feed based; on relevancy and interests. Algorithms amplify constructive posts and help you come across quality content. In addition, algorithms act like a backbone to social media marketing and also scraps the content from the feed that seems irrelevant and unimportant. Regardless of other factors, the algorithm is a boon to businesses looking to expand their presence on social media.

To know more about the simple ways of using algorithms, let us read the following article.

What Is An Algorithm?

The definition of algorithms involves artificial intelligence that displays the information on the user feed; based on their popular searches/ interests. It allows social media to trace your online demographics, for instance, the most likeable content you engage with. If you do so, algorithms will allow you to view similar content more often.

Creators should keep in mind various factors like timing and content, quality to gain better engagement and popularity on social media platforms. Hence, algorithms play a crucial role in helping people come across informative content.

The Simple Ways To Make The Best Use Of Social Media Algorithms

Switch From Personal To Business Accounts On Social Media

Social media platforms consist of remarkable features which help brands accomplish and flourish in the niches of social media marketing. Before we proceed, let us look at how we can reach an expanse of the audience on social media.

A company named XYZ wishes to establish their business page on Instagram. To do so, they have to navigate through their profile and look for account settings. Under the following option, you'll see - switch to a business profile.

After doing so, one has to log into a Facebook account and select the page you wish to link your Instagram page with. Make sure you serve as an admin of the page. Furthermore, you will have to add your contact information like email address, contact number to help people reach you through these modes of communication( in case of any queries). In addition, you can even pay for promoting your posts. Hence, such is how we can form our business page on social media platforms like Instagram.

In simple words, A brand has to switch to a business profile to monitor social media analytics. The following transition will help you uniformly mend your feed while enabling you to monitor the social media analytics more closely. The business account will allow you to come across features like insights, promotions, story highlights and much more. Thus, with a business account on social media platforms, you can monitor your account's growth.

Trace Analytics Of Your Social Media Account

Social media analytics refers to the process of monitoring insights based on data displayed on social media. It helps us track all the analytics (like, comments, shares) under a dashboard. In addition, analytics helps us enhance our social media marketing strategy too. Metrics like post's reach, engagement, clicks are all made visible to the business accounts under analytics. To know more about such metrics, let us look at the following points.

Engagement Rate- The engagement rate refers to one of the metrics that help us sneak-peek into the number of active users engaging with our content. This factor decides how credible our brand is in the eyes of the audience. Moreover, the indication of an active community is when the audience engages with your account (through likes, shares and comments) more often.

Likes & Comments- Any business or brand focuses on their target audiences and the level of engagement they perform on every post you make. Yet, on every social media platform, one can track these analytics easily.

Impressions- The number of times potential users view your post. Such a factor displays the account's analytics as per the insights gained.

Hence, to enhance your social media presence, one has to look at and understand the insights to decipher the audience's interests. As an admin of a social media account, you can measure your profile's analytical growth easily.

Streamline Your Content Based On The Audience's Interest

Marketing for social media calls for a full-fledged strategy (for a business page); to be able to establish a brand identity and drive maximum visibility. To do so, one should learn about their target audiences and the type of content they acknowledge. Once you understand the same, you will be able to work effectively on your long-term strategic goals.

As a marketer, you have to figure out the specific group of people you wish to target. Such a factor will define the marketing strategy that you will execute. Let us take a look at the following points to know about the aspects of target groups.

  • Identify the specific group of people you wish to target and carry out analysis to know their targeted interests. Introduce surveys and learn about your audience's interests.

  • Look for your competitors on social media. By watching them, you can assess the strategies they incorporate while marketing on social media. Understand and then implement.

  • Social media allows you to streamline your strategy by enabling you to set goals, determine the steps and oversee if all the steps are taken properly or not. Similarly, gather the data, interact with the audience and revise your strategies to drive better engagement.

  • To learn more about the demographics, refer to analytics which would display the user's visiting your profile. Such information will help you understand the content your audience finds influential. Hence, you will be able to mend your data-driven strategies while planning favourable content before posting.

Streamlining your content based on the audience's interests is one of the best ways of acquiring maximum attention and social media visibility.

Post Stories And Invite Interactions

Social media is one of the platforms brimming with various features. Marketers on social media would want to adopt these components and live the benefits offered by the same. In addition, to manipulate the algorithms in constructive ways, one should follow all the required steps to invite necessary engagement and insights.

Do you want to know how?

Let us read and understand more by reading the following points.

Add Carousel Posts

On social media platforms like Instagram, try to maintain your feed by adding uniformed posts like the carousel. According to the statistics, such types of posts receive a higher reach in comparison to videos. Add informative slides as they attract the audience's attention other than long-captioned posts. Incorporate ideas like photo dumps, micro-posts to encourage shares, likes and comments. As a marketer or a content creator, when you incorporate this idea, soon you will witness an increase in your level of interactions.

Make Posts Timely And Wisely

On social media, creators should time their posts when the audience is online and active. The more people see your posts, the more interactions you are likely to receive. Ensure and learn about the right time by looking at the metrics and analytics. Such a record will help you acknowledge the peak hours of posting the content. When you schedule your post at a particular hour, it will help you maximise your visibility on social media while giving you better engagement.

Add Interactive Stories

Social media is filled with features such as adding stories and simultaneously viewing the insights. Such will allow the audience to view and engage with your content.

In addition, sometimes, posting stories is one of the best ways of driving the audience's attention to your profile. Moreover, make sure you incorporate the best use of interactive stories by adding polls, quizzes, questions etc. While doing so, it will surely invite the audience's interaction and attention.

Be Consistent While Posting

Social media algorithms uplift the content that produces interactive and timely posts. If you do so, it will encourage and increase the rate of ER. Be systematic and adopt viable strategies to plan out the number of posts you will make during a week or a month. Set short-term goals and achieve the same. Devise rational and realistic plans instead of carrying out goals that are difficult to achieve. Maintain consistency and add quality content.

The Hashtag For Posts

Hashtags play a crucial role in expanding your reach as a brand. It allows you to interact with your targeted audiences and interact with them. Also, use only relevant hashtags suited to your niche. Don't crowd your feed with same-old repetitive tags. Incorporate the useful ones. Before adding the hashtags, research the desirable ones. You can even inspect the kind of hashtags used by other creators on social media. It will give you an insight and will help you maintain relevance. To know more about the hashtags, try gathering ideas from valuable resources and then implement .

And It will help you navigate the best hashtag related to any topic in no time. Hashtag experts will help you choose the trending hashtags while ensuring the best ones with maximum reach.

Incorporate The Use Of Geotagging

Social media platforms have a feature labelled as a geotag location. It is added to stories and posts, mentioning the location of the place you're visiting. This type of social media metric increases your reach and allows the user's to come across your profile. This tool is highly beneficial and facilitates your audience in gaining the best recommendations (of places, hotels, etc).

Geotagging is now prevalent on various social media platforms like Instagram, ., Twitter, etc. It has enabled people to tag their locations while sharing a sneak peek into the places they choose to visit. Hence, such a feature is one of the most popular metrics of social media.


To conclude, in order to understand the functioning of algorithms, you need to know the strategies that boost your account's growth and assure maximum interaction. Any account should portray constructive and influential content.

Moreover, as a marketer, you need to adopt social media metrics and stick to them. By incorporating the factors, you can pave your social media strategy and work on long-term goals. Hence, social media algorithms introduce quality content to a larger audience. Stay relevant and incorporate all the necessary metrics to remain socially visible amidst your competitors.


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