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  • Kiara Hanice

Explainer on Instagram's Engagement Rate: Part I

Have you ever wondered what the engagement rate on Instagram entails? Or are you looking for ways to calculate your engagement rate [ER]?

Don't worry, you have reached the right place! The engagement rate on Instagram is the total ER received by an account/page over some time. It can even be counted or measured via different criteria. One way to do so is by looking over the insights of your Instagram page (which shows likes, comments, impressions and reach). In addition to this, there are other parameters for measuring the ER.

Let us read and brainstorm ourselves with ways to measure our analytical growth on Instagram.

The Engagement Rate on Instagram

The engagement rate on Instagram enables you to calculate the comprehensive array of daily metrics on each post you make. It shows you the analytical growth with the total number of interactions, likes, comments and the new followers you gain your way. In total, it records your insights under a column of the professional dashboard of your business account on Instagram.

The engagement rate is calculated as:

Engagement= Engagement/ Followers

(here, engagement refers to the average number of likes, saves and comments acquired on a particular post)

Importance of Engagement Rate

Engagement on Instagram is responsible for spreading brand awareness and making it more credible in the eyes of your potential followers. As a business, you might want to establish your brand identity legitimately. Being the centre of attention gives you the power to mould your ER into effective leads. Because of this, engagement on Instagram plays a crucial role in helping you get noticed by influencers that would reinforce the growth of your business and facilitate partnership and collaboration in projects.

Engagement on Instagram uplifts your brand's ideals and enables you to form a community of loyal customers. A company should be accountable and liable to the audience's questions/queries. It is not about the likes and comments but the trust you build with your audience. Make sure your following is genuine and not purchased through ineffective means. When you have a higher ER, client's would want to work with you even more.

Better ER, better leads.

How to Measure the Engagement Rate on Instagram?

To measure or calculate the engagement rate on Instagram, the following are how you can do so:

Followers Based Engagement Rate

The formula that helps you find and compare your likes, comments and followers on each post is:

  • Step 1: Add your total likes and comments acquired on your last 12 posts and calculate the average.

  • Step 2: After adding, divide the total (likes + comments) with the total number of followers you have.

  • Step 3: Then, multiply by 100 to know the full percentage.

The mathematical formula for the same is listed below with an example.

Example: (Likes + comments) / Total number of followers × 100

=(500+ 30 )/ 2300 x 100

= 23.04 %

In this example, the engagement rate of an Instagram account is 23.04%. Furthermore, you can record these growth rates and track the record to witness the analytics on particular posts with each passing day. ER can help you capture the type of posts that are acknowledged and recognised by the respective audiences while helping you work on familiar content. You can even record/ gauge the list of your best posts over the last few months.

Impression Based Engagement Rate

Another way of calculating the engagement rate on Instagram is through the following method as mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Add your likes and comments acquired on a particular post.

  • Step 2: After adding, divide the total (likes + comments) with the impressions.

  • Step 3: Then multiply by 100 to get the full percentage.

Such a method of analysis portrays the exact results. You might be wondering how?

Well, it calculates the number of people who genuinely viewed your posts rather than counting the total number of followers you have. Calculating engagement rates via impressions will get you a better understanding of the people engaging with your posts.

To view the impressions of your account, you need to switch your profile to a business account. In such ways, you'll be able to master a clear understanding of calculating your engagement rates on Instagram.

Factor Based Engagement Rate

Factored based ER depends on a multitude of factors when it comes to calculating your rate of insights. It depends on the marketer to focus on a particular rule of measuring ER or not. For example, one marketer would want to calculate the number of comments instead of counting the likes in a post. This method is not usually followed due to being vague and not having a standard form.

Benefits of having a higher ER

The benefits of measuring the ER on Instagram through the formula-based method are as follows:

Audience's Liking

Creators or influencers are focused on producing informative and quality content for their audience. When they do so, they ought to receive higher rates of impressions on their content. This is one way of knowing what type of content their target audience is engaging and what are they liking.

Likeable Content

Having higher engagement rates facilitates and directs attention towards your profile. The content plays a crucial role in disseminating the rightful information that becomes worthy of acknowledgement and serving value to the audiences due to the high engagement. However, you need to make sure that you do not leave the relevance of your content. If you let it decline, the engagement rate won't end up as high as earlier. Devise the right strategy and follow the same to remain under the loop of increased rates of impressions.

The Brand Becomes More Credible

A brand or a company is supposed to advertise and expand itself to new targets. Maintaining a profile on Instagram gives you the exposure to do the same. While maintaining the profile, if one makes the engagement higher too, their brand becomes more credible and reliable for its customers.

Different Types of Engagement Rates

Daily Engagement Rate

Daily engagement rate is one ways of measuring the percentage of people viewing your posts daily. You get to sneak-peek into the activity of your followers with your content.

Daily engagement rate is calculated by measuring the total engagements that happened in a day (24 hours) divided by the total number of followers multiplied by 100.

However, this rate is not credible since you might receive more engagement on a particular post even after 24 hours. Moreover, majority of the people do not post their content on the right time, since they do not make use of algorithms.

Active Engagement Rate

Active engagement rate is calculated from the mean average for all interactions and is inversely proportional to the number of followers in your account from the last 12 posts or posts published within the last 28 days, whichever has the minimum count for establishing recency.

It is one of the best ways of tracking active engagement rates, where you can know the percentage of people actively participating with your content and understand how effective it is.

In our opinion, ER should be calculated through this method, as it helps you with your marketing strategy and records the analytics growth of your page based on the last 12 posts.

Engagement Rate Calculator by One Nought One calculates the actual engagement rate of a business or creator profile on Instagram in real-time and free forever. Additionally, it also provides a category standard to facilitate a better and actual comparison with peers. To access the same, click on this link.

What are the Benefits of Measuring the ER On Instagram?

Measures the Performance

Measuring the engagement rate for one's profile is highly essential for tracking the content that turns out favourable to all. It views the insightful analytics of your content performance over time.

Boosts your Marketing Strategy

Having a higher rate of engagement on Instagram is likely to catapult several advantages for you. As a business venture, when you review the metrics on a particular post, you either learn to devise a better marketing strategy or continue to follow the same as per the strategic plan. You understand your target audience's choices which enable you to work consistently on perfecting your brand identity.

Encourages Omni Channel Marketing

Omni channel marketing is one of the ways of interacting with your audience on different platforms. It is one of the successful outcomes for having high rates of impression. All you have to do is devise a strategy and convert your bios into a marketing funnel, which would help you catapult the traffic. Make sure your audience is following your content and engaging with the same.


We conclude that there are numerous ways of tracking your day-to-day metrics or engagement rates on Instagram. The above article must have briefed you on the formulas, factors and benefits it entails. It serves as a guide to calculating or recording your analytical growth over time, with new parameters for calculating your insights on each post. To calculate your engagement rate and also view the category average for free, download One Nought One's Chrome Extension Calculator which is a free tool available on the Chrome Web Store.

For more information, read part 2 of the explainer. It would tell you more things about the Instagram's engagement rate.


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