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  • Tanushree Vaish

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Social Media Algorithms

Ever wondered about the exciting facts about social media algorithms?

Social Media platforms are an aggregation of various features, aspects that are unfounded by the audiences. Not only this, one will be fascinated by the level of fun facts it offers. To know more, let us look at the following article and brainstorm the exciting features of #socialmediaalgorithms.

Fun Facts about Social Media Algorithms

To know more about the facts of social media algorithms, the following characters named Eddie and Lou will allow you to discover them.

(The conversation begins)

Eddie- GM! Oops, Good Morning Lou, how have you been?

Lou-Haha, GM Eddie, I am doing fine.

I wonder whether we millennials will ever get tired of this new-age lingo.

Eddie- True. It is more like our new slang.

Besides this, have you managed to complete your research on 20 fun facts about Social Media algorithms?

Lou- Yes. I tried, but I couldn't understand the comprehensive details on the same. I mean, ironically, whenever we're bored, social networking sites are our refuge from reality where we manage to hunt down or sneak-peak into the lives of celebrities. But in this regard, I found it hard to scrounge through the intriguing facts on these social media algorithms. Will you help me?

Eddie- Don't worry I will brief you more on the statistical aspects, facts or eye-opening trends about Social Media.

Lou- You are a true Social Media genius, Eddie.

Eddie- I couldn't agree more (laughs)

Lou- Ok, let me grab my notes.

Eddie- Firstly, Social Media is the one popular platform where an average user on the internet comprises 7.6 social media accounts. I mean, isn't that fascinating?

Lou- That is indeed amazing. But what about the statistics in comparison to the early record?

Eddie- According to the statistics, in 2018, the average number of social media accounts ( as recorded) per user was 8.5 social media accounts, which grew exponentially higher since 2014.

(Lou nods her head )

Eddie- Secondly, followers are the one who engages, interacts and follows various brands on social media platforms. They subscribe to their accounts and keep themselves updated on anything and everything that is added by them. However, it is recorded that around 96% of social media users who discuss a brand don't even follow them on these platforms. Many businesses think that having plenty of followers can leverage their growth as a brand. Instead, it presents a more superficial image of a brand's success. The truth is, you need to think beyond your following.

Fun facts about Social Media Algorithm

The reason behind individuals not following brands is because of their speed or frequency in replying to customer-based queries. It is estimated; that around 72% of users expect these brands to respond within a day or an hour. However, brands are unable to cater to this and fail to meet the audience's expectations. This way, the sentiments of customers have to be kept in check. And if you fail to do so, unsatisfied customers won't bother to communicate with the brand in the long run.

Lou- Indeed, brands need to cater to the needs of the customers and adapt themselves accordingly.

Eddie- Yes. Ok, so how much time do you spend on social media Lou?

Lou- umm, maybe 5 hours a day.

Eddie- You won't believe that social media users, on average, spend nine hours a day. So the third fact on Social Media algorithms says that the majority of people spend time online, Where about 60% of Social Media timing is done via mobile devices.

Social Media consists of algorithms that are constantly unfolding their features, options, etc. This way, they are encouraging the audiences to engage, interact and come across new content. Because of this, people are getting hooked to such a platform. Surprisingly, an average person would spend two hours on social media each day, which equals a total of five years and four months expended over a lifetime. Yet, this social media consumption is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Lou- Woah, I got to learn something interesting.

Eddie- Fourth point, it is believed that Facebook is on the verge of losing a million followers (especially users below the age of 25). It is believed that teenagers (mainly) are on the brink of losing their interest in such platforms. Hence, these facts are validated, by the marketers themselves.

Lou- Woah. This decline in the number of followers can cost them a lot.

Eddie- Fifth point, about 8 million videos on Facebook are viewed by people daily. Also, Mark Zuckerberg released statistics about the same.

Lou- Wow!

Eddie- Sixth point, it is witnessed that between men and women, both share equally funny videos on Facebook. Yes, both are equal in sharing such content. But, men are oriented towards sharing political news and women focus on sharing inspiring and food blogs stories.

Lou- Indeed, it is a fun fact.

Eddie- Lou, guess who has the maximum number of followers on Instagram?

Lou- Me. But jokes apart, I think Selena Gomez.

Eddie- Seventh fact, no, it is Instagram itself. It has around 435 million followers, whereas Selena Gomez has 269 followers.

Lou- Wow, I am surprised.

Eddie- Eighth fact, Instagram stories (as posted by social media users) are considered two times famous compared to Snapchat stories. It is because the algorithms of these platforms offer unique aspects of social media. For example, Instagram has a feature of augmented reality-based filters, which has overpowered those on Snapchat.

Lou- True, I feel the difference too.

Eddie- Ninth fact, it is reported that around 80% of social media users on Instagram are following a business profile.

Instagram is one of the platforms that support creativity, culture and features of augmented reality. It even allows various businesses the opportunity to grow, establish and expand their ventures while connecting with the audiences.

Lou- Got to learn something new.

Eddie- Tenth fact, it is estimated that about 85% of brands love Instagram as it helped them establish their businesses, facilitate its growth and grow their audiences. In addition, it has enabled them to catapult maximum followers, sales and profits.

Lou- Yes, many brands have been expanding their businesses on social media.

Eddie- Eleventh fact, Youtube is considered one of the second most popular search engines, with about three billion searches on Google.

Lou- I believe a lot of teens are attracted to Youtube. When in doubt, they visit these platforms and view the informative videos either for recreation or to gain knowledge on a particular subject.

20 Fun Facts about Social Media Algorithms

Eddie - Twelfth fact, on social media platforms like Twitter, there are a total of 1.3 billion accounts, where about 336 million accounts are active every month. As per the record of 2019, Twitter estimated a total of 330 million users.

Lou, why do you think this platform receives so much crowd?

Lou- I think Twitter is one of the most popular social networking platforms that allow people to read and post tweets. These tweets are like short messages that are limited to around 280 characters. In addition, Twitter has a fanbase on another level as celebrities share their opinions, etc. Yet, it even facilitates a flow of fluid communication.

Eddie- Indeed, you got that right Lou.

Thirteenth fact, about 81% of women feel that Pinterest is one of the most effective platforms, which highlights the importance of your brand. Also, It is one of the go-to platforms of millennials to seek information on various topics like fashion, inspirational quotes, etc.

Lou- I agree it is one of my favourite platforms too.

Eddie- The fourteenth fact, it is estimated that a total of 29.5 million brands on Social Media are promoting advertisements on Facebook. But you won't believe that's roughly more than the population of Colorado.

Lou- oh wow! That's eye-opening.

Eddie - Facebook has around a million advertisers and it continues to be an undisputed leader in the realms of digital marketing.

Lou- Agreed, many small and big brands think of establishing their businesses by advertising about the same on Facebook. It is so because these platforms offer a fruitful opportunity for advertisers to expand their businesses.

Eddie- Fifteenth fact, most females are eyeing the brands on Facebook and, about 58% of them are following on social media. Women are the (favourite)consumers of these brands and are influenced by how they endorse their products and services.

Lou- That is true.

Eddie- Sixteenth fact, it is estimated that around 3.2 billion images are daily shared on the posts of social media.

Lou- Woah, that's huge.

Eddie - Seventeenth fact, on social media 49% of users are sharing content like; the information of a product, which allows them to offer the insights of the same while enhancing the buyer's experience on the internet.

Lou, what do you think might be the psychology behind such sharing of information online?

Twenty Fun Facts About Social Media Algorithms

Lou- Well, I think that it is a part of human nature and they do so, as it allows them to stay connected to their audiences or followers while initiating the discussions on the same. This way, they come across people who share similar interests as them.

Eddie- True.

The eighteenth fact, you won't believe,

Social media users ranging in the age group of 55-64 years are more likely to get attracted to the branded content compared to the younger generation on Social Media.

Lou- what? I never imagined this.

Eddie- Yes, isn't that exciting?

Furthermore, listen to the nineteenth fact, about five million accounts on Facebook used by children under the age of 10 years.

I wonder how do parents permit them to use such platforms so early?

Lou- Umm, maybe their parents do not supervise their online activity where these kids end up breaking such rules.

Eddie- Yes, you are right.

The last and final fact on social media algorithms that you need to know is, there are about 3.78 billion social media users; that is about 48% of the total world population.

Lou- It is a huge number indeed. The reason for it is the algorithms of various platforms have been continuously improving and allowing people to access the same no matter wherever they are. Nowadays, apps, websites are being optimised and are becoming mobile-friendly. It is making it easier for people to live the benefits of such platforms.

Eddie- Yes, you said it right.

Lou- Thank you so much for brainstorming me with fun facts and statistical ones too.

Eddie- No problem, I got to learn about the same from a website called OneNoughtOne. It allowed me to understand the role of algorithms, their features and other fun facts on Social Media. You should visit the platform too.

Lou- Yes, I will.

Thank you!


We conclude that social media algorithms are something spectacular and are running these platforms successfully. Without the existence of such features, social media would have been incomplete. Yet, algorithms continue to perfect themselves while working for the people's interests.