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  • Tanushree Vaish

Expectations vs. Reality of Social Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms play a crucial role in driving engagement, insights and better opportunities on the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and much more. The algorithms serve as a tool that leverages the reach of your brand organically. Social Media has now become one of the influential platforms in transforming the future of the business world. But with this comes along the expectations and goals one wishes to achieve in the long run.

As a part of this social media fraternity, Individuals set goals and ambitions for their businesses while willing to accomplish them. Nevertheless, Ambitions come along with expectations. And sometimes, you must think if the expected goals are worth implementing or not. Therefore, it is better to unearth reality than to live in delusions.

The following article will clear the falsehoods related to social media algorithms

The better the following, the better the Business reach.

Expectation - A massive following helps the Businesses in getting leads and insights.

Reality- As individuals, we often conjecture our social media progress by calculating the number of followers or likes. But do you think this is it?

But, that's not all. Yes, a massive following is likely to catapult reliability to your company to some extent, but it is more than just a calculative metric. These social media fallacies have to evade.

Rather than thinking about this, connecting your venture across all the social media platforms will let you fulfil your business expectations while stimulating more leads and sales effectively. Look for legitimate ways of earning and expanding your business ventures. Seek the reliability for your business goals and then adopt the measures for the same.

Scheduling posts every day will help social media traffic.

Expectation- Scheduling several posts each day is likely to drive a better reach, insight and impressions on social media.

Reality - Businesses or brands should keep in mind that there is much more than just creating posts every day. One even has to incorporate statistical strategies like- looking for the timing frequency to know whether people are online or not. Establishing the business profiles and looking for the analytical tools to record your social media progress is yet another way of dealing with the traffic.

The individuals can follow the social media algorithms to record several ways to stimulate better engagement and insights while scheduling the posts at an appropriate time.

Viable content is enough for a social media reach.

Expectation - Viable information is crucial for social media growth and is enough to fetch a wider reach.

Reality- Indeed, it is credible but not enough for a brand or business to depend on it entirely. To support your growth, you should think of ways to promote and expand your business by encompassing the holistic marketing approach with the algorithm strategies that endorse the same. To encourage promotions, you have to acquaint yourself with the reachable objectives, goals and motives that can enhance your reach as per social media algorithms.

Promoting high-quality information while marketing the product goes hand in hand. Your Work should speak for your brand/product. It has to be written in a way that answers the customer's queries and questions. Such is likely to grant you ways to establish a productive business.

Promoting the same message over and over is helpful

Expectation- It is said and felt necessary that promoting the exact message across all the social media platforms is quite helpful.

Reality- To contradict the statement, that says promoting the exact message over and again can lead to making your brand value run futile. One should learn to be creative and intelligent while displaying the information across all social media platforms. Learn to optimize or customize your messages to cater to the target audience. Businesses or brands can try making it more personal, appealing while gripping the reader's attention and keeping them hooked to their product.

Including the visuals with a message is yet another way of maintaining the audience's interest. It turns out to be unique, formal and creative. Such a strategy is even helpful if you have to disseminate the same message on social media platforms.

Paid Ads help you in reaching a wider audience.

Expectations - Budgeting Advertisements will catapult more and more people to your brand.

Reality- It is brought to your notice that choosing the paid promotions for expanding your brand value does not magically increase the quality of your business. You need to work on your content and make it in a way that keeps the people engaged. Your ideas will encourage the audience to decide if they wish to follow you or not. Everyone has to put in efforts to make themselves shine in the eyes of their audiences as nothing is provided on a silver platter. With effort and hard work, you'll be able to create a community of your brand easily.

Incorporating the use of hashtags is a key to reach.

Expectations - Adding several hashtags in a post will provide an organic reach to your content. It will offer instant engagement and attention amidst the crowd of followers.

Reality- The above notion is wrong. The addition of countless hashtags does not give you a better insight or instant reach on your posts. It is like a preconceived notion about social media algorithms. It does not work this way. Your posts will get noticed, even if you use a limited set of hashtags. The point is, if your content is highly informative, engaging and hooks the reader's attention, you are likely to get the feedback or insights for the same, with/without the use of innumerable hashtags. Don't forget that piling up so many hashtags in a post will lead to a decrease in your market value.

Social Media Algorithms will help you in planning and enhancing your goals.

Formulating trending content will give a ready boost

Expectation- Creating trending content will help you in earning the popularity of your brand.

Reality- As a company, one has to adopt a strategic approach in creating content in such a way that is valued and supported by the people. One shouldn't do things in a rush as it wouldn't drive them instant or better results.

It takes a lot of time for the brands to discover and establish the content to figure out how to get to a point where everything seems perfect and steady. And without appropriate team efforts, guidance and intervention of the mentors, creating trending content is next to impossible. It takes a while for a dedicated team to figure out the right content ideas for the brand.

Having a considerable following will aid your reach.

Expectation- To have a community of followers is enough for your Business reach.

Reality- It is untrue that a community of followers are enough for your brand. It does have more than that. Planning, plotting and scheming the social media strategies is one of the right ways to support your business ideas and objectives. Linking your community and incorporating the use of social media strategy is likely to work in your favour.

Marketing and catering to the needs of the audience go hand in hand. Make sure of your business strategy. Adhere to the business goals and objectives.

Opening business outlets across social media platforms

Expectation- The Brand should expand its presence across all social media platforms as it will help them with better sales and leads. They would even have a greater reach and popularity.

Reality- Believing that expanding their company's presence on every other social media platform isn't going to help. As rational beings, one has to be quite strategic in its approach. Build your social media presence in a way that reaches your target audience. Invest your time on the platforms which you think can help you grow your brand. Don't start forming accounts on other platforms as it wouldn't let you focus clearly. You have to give your undivided attention to a single place without getting distracted by multiple platforms. By doing so, you'll be able to carry out your work uniformly.


Therefore, it is to conclude that there are some expectations regarding the social media algorithms with inexact hypotheses and misconceptions. No wonder we have to learn to unfollow these false assumptions about the same. Any brand needs to have a full-fledged strategy that they wish to pursue. Define your ideals, motives and intentions to a larger community while using marketing tactics to enhance your company's reputation. Think of ways to increase your brand awareness while catapulting potential customers to opt for the same. And Always keep in mind your business motive while creating the content. The above article displayed how our expectations regarding social media algorithms have proved false and incorrect.

Our definition of the success of social media growth was limited earlier. But, as we read the article, we gained clarity on many topics related to marketing and social media algorithms.

Think and plan before you execute.


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