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Understanding Social Media Algorithms

Algorithm Marketing

  • 50 min
  • New Delhi, Delhi, India

Service Description

We build social media algorithms and use artificial intelligence to conceive, prospect and execute the best social media marketing strategies for you! We have enabled machine learning protocols within our algorithm, which learns your requirements and can suggest/formulate better and more interactive digital marketing campaigns. To understand our USP, you need to realise how social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook actually work At the core of their programming, they are essentially an algorithm, and you can only beat an algorithm with another one. This is why most traditional or typical marketing agencies cannot hack into positive growth metrics on these platforms. Another important factor to consider is costs! Our services get cheaper and more functionalities to get added if you sustain a long-term relationship with us. Again, the key advantage of this technology is that it manages the performance at optimum efficiency and keeps improving on its own, even on redundant tasks. We assure you with organic user growth only! As mentioned above and with the help of the strategies involved you can expect an intake of loyal and engaging followers who are truly committed to your brand over any incentivised campaigns and paid promotions.

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