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Communications Designer

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Melbourne VIC, Australia


Job Description

A Communications Designer will be producing creative comic illustrations on the basis of the company's ideas which will be used on various social media handles.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • The communications designer will be responsible for creating comics based on the company’s ideas which will be used for our social media platforms.

  • Responsible for translating ideas onto paper using creativity in order to communicate to a specific audience.

  • Engage in a combination of writing and drawing to convey different emotions, based on the story and characters involved.

  • Work on the company’s ideas and also proactively suggest ideas based on the requirement and his/her experience of designing comics.

  • Communicate and work closely with the team and come up storylines with defined characters.

  • The complexity of the illustration will be simple, mostly shades of black and white linework art style.

  • Maintain consistency in the type of graphics and comics the company uses in order to make them coherent with the company’s narrative and ideas.

  • Ideation and scripting will be done in collaboration and after a comic is developed, it will be reviewed by the team for any rectifications and changes.

  • Carry out all the necessary changes and furnish the final artwork timely.

  • All the artwork submitted by the communications designer will be a part of the company's intellectual property.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Comic creation

  • Artwork illustrations


  • Candidates must either be graduates or should be pursuing their degrees in any relevant field.

  • Training in illustration, fine arts or graphic design

  • Talent for visual communication, strong drawing skills

  • Understanding of visual storytelling

  • Familiarity with comic genres

  • Storyboarding skills

  • Solid understanding of visual language - texture, color, dimension, scale, perspective, shade, composition, depth of field, proportion, spatial awareness, etc

  • Layout skills

  • A comic creator should have out of the box thinking and a good sense of humor.

  • Previous experience in the field would be considered as an advantage.

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