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Digital Content Strategist

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New Delhi, Delhi, India


Job Description

A Content Strategist is responsible for managing all of the writers who contribute content to the blog. Their job includes editing, communicating, proofreading, answering questions, ensuring deadlines are met, providing article feedback, ensuring style guide requirements are adhered to.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Content Editor is the last line of resort in the production of high-quality, error free, relatable, and engaging content for the business and its product. The Content Editor must, therefore, possess exceptional communication skills both in written and in verbal form.

  • Necessary for the smooth interactions and conveyance of information in the execution of the Content Strategists’ collaborative functions and in presentations regularly made to senior management and stakeholders.

  • Analyse web analytics data to gauge content performance, work on links to build a continuity of ideas and reduce the bounce rate on the website. Key to keeping the interest and curiosity of the reader to the content and keep them hooked about social media algorithms.

  • Manage split testing and other content performance tests to determine the best results for content put up on the website in alignment with the overall goals and objectives of the sales and marketing teams. Build strategies to drive the audience to content from external sources.

  • Manage guest posting requests and follow-up with them for content and long term collaborations.

  • He/She has to aid the process of recruiting a new content writer as well with the management.

  • Manage team to build enough content bank to be published in a strategic and staggered manner.

  • He/She is responsible for the management and the maintenance of the content management sheet.

  • He/She is responsible for the traffic generated on the blog as well as the newsletters.

  • He/She is expected to follow all the rules and regulations of the company, any misconduct or misbehavior will result in serious consequences.

Key Responsibility Areas

  • Manage blogs and writers and keep up to date with the content requirements

  • Research on new topics and update the Content Management sheet.


  • An ideal candidate for the role may have completed their bachelor or masters degree in a communications or media discipline, or extensive online editing and/or content strategy experience.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and proficiency in clearly communicating the business narrative, convey the marketing message. Ability to develop good relationships with current team members.

  • Must have good understanding of search engine optimisation, ability to write weekly newsletters

  • A candidate must also display great analytical skills. They must be able to utilize status reports in the maintenance of content project schedules and the identification of issues in the projects.

  • Past experience in managing a blog with at least 10,000 visitors/day will be an advantage.

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